Annotated Bibliography: Bigger assignment that will be due later on Custom Essay

This assignment is part of a bigger assignment that will be due later on. This assignment will eventually turn into a written research paper.


Perform extensive research on your topic and do an annotated bibliography.

For each source that will be used in the final research paper, first, cite it properly using the APA Style, and then write about each source. The first part will summarize the source (what it said/talked about) and the second part will be an evaluation/reflection of that source (was it good? strengths? weaknesses? how does it fit in the overall research paper? is the source credible? etc.). This must be done for each source.

I ordered 9 pages and need 1 page per source, so 9 sources in total.

The sources must be very credible (most excellent sources) and from credible places (e.g no Wikipedia).

Part of a good research paper is to anticipate what people might say in response to your argument (opposing viewpoints) and respond to those people in the paper.

Please provide 6 sources that support the topic and 3 sources that do not support the topic. In the evaluation/reflection portion of the sources that do not support the topic, provide a counter-argument to them. Perhaps, the sources that support the argument can also be the counter-arguments to the sources that do not support the argument.


Argue that true freedom in the West is an illusion.

Suggested points to support the argument:
1. Citizenship/Boarders (not free to move around as we please).
2. Financial System (many have to get into financial debt just to survive – new form of slavery – keep people working as much as possible to feed capitalism – served the upper class).
3. Education System (very uniformed – tailored to only one type of individual – produces individuals that support the current unbalanced system).
4. Culture/Language/Nationality/Religion (divides people – pins people against one another – creates enemies – to keep people in control and take away freedom)
5. Political System (no major differences between different parties – self-serving – serving the upper class – if the problems in society still exist then that means they are not interested in making society better – this takes away freedom – they set the laws and regulations and those laws and regulations serve themselves or the privileged/big business – the individual is very powerless in this big system and thus tied to it and not free from it).

Numbers 1-5 are just suggestions. If you can form better and more relevant arguments, please feel free to do so. Perhaps, you might use some, but not all. Perhaps, you might use completely different arguments. You have the freedom and like I’ve said, those are just suggestions.

My biggest worry is having a well structured argument with good sources to back them up with. Thank you very much!!!!!!!