BAE Automated Systems (DIA) Baggage Handing System Custom Essay

Complete a 6 page paper on the Operations Management issues that challenged the firm, what they did to overcome these obstacles, what you agreed with or not and WHY, and finally what you would have done differently and WHY.

A- There is some main point you should to talk about it. There are:

1- – why there was a need to a new airport?

2- Political and economical situation.

3- The master plan and a built-design project (what’s the problem?)

4- Project management.

5- Implementing the baggage handling system.

6- Project organization and management.

7- Lawsuits and backup.

B- Also should to talk About Operation Management Issues. There are : 1- Design of goods and service. 2- Managing quality. 3-Location 4- Layout 5- Human resources and job 6- Supply chain management 7- Scheduling 8-Maintenance.