Book Review; History essay based on the book "A Voyage Long & Strange" Custom Essay

First of all, this is a history essay based on the book “A Voyage Long & Strange” written by Tony Horwitz, so you must have this book or already read the book.

If you are NOT familiar with American histoty through 1870 especially colony period, please don’t bid this order.

Answer the following questions in your essay:

Based upon A voyage long and strange, what does Horowitz mean by: “Columbus did not exactly discover the new-world, he just discovered that it was profitable.”

Here are some ideas for your focus:

What does “discovery” mean in this case? Is it that Columbus did not know he had discovered a new world and so should not be given credit for it, or that someone else had already discovered the New World?
What, according to Horowitz, did profit mean? What was profitable about the area Columbus found?

You Must have a developed thesis statement in the introduciton that is followed by the information provided in the pape, use proper quotes and citations. Meet all MLA requirements including in-text citation.