Case Study – Acting on a Strategic Vision: Electronic Arts was recently voted "Worst Company in America"…for the second year in a row Cust

Your Second Individual Case Study is entitled “Acting on a Strategic Vision” and can be found on pages 233-234 of the text (end of chapter 8).

It is due November 5th, prior to the start of lecture.

This case examines two companies in the video game publishing industry, Electronic Arts vs. Activision Blizzard.

Please respond to the five case questions at the end of the case, as well as:

Case Question Six: Electronic Arts was recently voted “Worst Company in America”…for the second year in a row. You have been hired as a consulant for six months in response to this prestigious award. Suggest three strategic goals for EA to repair their image, and support your suggestions. Then pick one of your suggestions and outline a six-month tactical plan to accomplish this goal.