Compare and Contrast Artistic representations of Meyer Lansky Custom Essay

Compare and contrast how different Meyer Lansky is represented in these following productions (choose 3 of the following, one of your choices should be a book):
"The Devil Himself: A Novel" by Eric Dezenhall (book)
Lansky (1999) (movie)
"The Godfather: Part II" (1974) [Hyman Roth refers to Meyer Lansky] (movie)
"Little Man: Meyer Lansky and the Gangster Life" by Robert Lacey (book)
"Lansky" by Hank Messick (book)

Please let me know which of three you chose right after you took the assignment.
First, talk about how Meyer Lansky is represented in each of the three and talk about what aspects of him is emphasized in each and then compare and contract the artistic representations in terms of how different Meyer Lansky is represented. The point of this research paper is to show how different Meyer Lansky is represented in literature, television and silver screen. If you want to use any additional productions (books, movies) in which Meyer Lansky takes part, you are free to do so but please let me know first. If you want to talk about Meyer Lansky’s life first, please let me know first about the sources you use and please use a published biography of him or any academically credible internet article (if you want to use an extra non-fictional source of Meyer Lansky: do not use wikipedia or any other site like that. It has to be something proper).
When writing this research paper, please link the artistic representations of him to his "Jewishness" and "Jewish criminality" in his era. Please how emphasized aspects of him relates to him being Jewish.
I need a FULL 12 page. Cover and bibliography (references) does NOT count as pages (though bibliography is absolutely necessary).