Contemporary East Asian Cinema and Culture Custom Essay

This paper addresses the four films since the midterm: Happy Together, Go, Mother, and In Another Country. Your paper should provide a critical evaluation of the themes, formal strategies, and styles of the films under consideration, and rigorously analyze the film or films. Refer to specific examples from the films, and discuss in detail the relationship between formal structure (composition, lighting, camera angles and movement, editing strategies, and so on) and thematic content. You may rely on your notes, but your paper will be stronger if you review the films again.In writing your paper, draw from lectures, your notes, and outside research materials including the textbooks and other critical sources. These are research papers and should not consist solely of opinions or responses, but of arguments. (NOTE: be careful when using internet sources, they are not always reliable or accurate.) You are free to draw upon as many sources as possible, but you must properly cite and footnote all sources fully. Failure to do so amounts to plagiarism and will result in a failing grade, so please be careful.

2. Human relations. Each film portrays troubled relations between people due to temperamental incompatibility, class difference, prohibition and taboo, and cultural distance. These relations are further complicated by the fact that some are between men, between different ethnic groups, between a mother and son, and between distant cultures, and involve external factors–poverty, discrimination, and crime, for example. Discuss one film and the way in which it problematizes human relations and interactions; what issues does it raise and what solutions does it offer?