Dimensions of Interpersonal Relationships Custom Essay

Write a paper discussing two relationships you have. Compare your relationships with a co-worker versus a relationship with a family member.
First, for each relationship (one co-worker and one family member), describe how the two relationships differ in these ways:

Your perceived amount of control:
How is the amount of control you have over each person different?
How about the amount of control each of them has over you?
How much of yourself you disclose to each of them:
Do you tell both people the same kinds of things?
Are there certain things you would tell one person and not the other?
The level of respect you have for each of them:
Which person do you have more respect for and why?
Do you respect them for different reasons?
Do you treat them the same?
Next, think about a disagreement you have had with each person you discussed.

How was the disagreement expressed in each relationship?
How was the disagreement managed?
What were some cultural beliefs, values, norms, and social practices that underlie how you chose to deal with the disagreement?
Write the paper in essay format. It should be 1 to 2 pages. Use a 12-point font and double-space. Remember to include an introduction and conclusion.