Discussion: Publications, Presentations, & Posters Custom Essay

In this week’s Discussion, you will analyze the most common means of scholarly activity: presentation, publication, and posters. Although you are not required to produce a scholarly product for this course, you may want to consider developing one or more of these activities as you grow and develop in your role as a scholar-practitioner.

If you were to use your Practicum Project to create a scholarly product, consider the following questions as you prepare for this Discussion:

Explain which scholarly product you would choose to disseminate the research for your Practicum Project.

Which journal or organization would you chose to publish or present with? Explain your rationale for this choice.

Who is your target audience? Who will be reading or attending your presentation?

What can you do to best ensure that your manuscript, presentation, or poster will be accepted?

Provide two citations and summaries (in your own words) of articles relating to your Practicum Project topic, that have been published in peer-reviewed journals within the last 5 years.

If you have already published, developed a scholarly poster, or delivered an oral presentation, include this information and your thoughts about how well you did.

With these thought in mind:

Start your post by restating your project topic.

Post the following:

A brief description of your Practicum Project, emphasizing the outcomes and implications for nursing practice in your specialty

An explanation of which scholarly product you would choose to disseminate your Practicum Project results

The journal or organization with whom you would like to publish or present

A description of your target audience

A description of how you would develop your results into a quality scholarly manuscript, presentation, or poster related to your Practicum Project

A justification as to why your results warrant dissemination, providing at least two citations and summaries of articles related to your topic, that have been published in peer-reviewed journals within the last 5 years

A brief summary of a scholarly product you have developed in the past, and your thoughts on the results of your publication or presentation.