Are your prices fixed?

No. All our services have varying prices. High school papers will definitely have a different price when compared to university papers. Despite all these, be assured that the prices are always fair to all students no matter which level of education you are in.

Can I talk to my writer?

Yes. Our company allows client-writer contact.  As a company we do understand the dire need to always want to follow up on the progress of your order, that’s why we do provide room for client writer contact. This is only allowed if you have additional information to add or make a progress inquiry.

How long have you been in this industry?

We’ve been in this online writing industry for more than ten years. Meaning that we have managed to master the art of writing and the delivery of nothing but the best.

What steps do I need to follow for me to submit my paper?

Placing an order with us is so simple. All you have to do is just click on the order button, sign up and follow the steps by filling in the relevant details about your paper. After which you will then make a payment and just like you done with the order process.

How quick  can I get back my paper?

All academic work given to us, is always delivered on time. We do follow a strict policy that allows us to deliver papers based on the time given to us by the client.