Full Frontal Feminism: Write a short essay over this week's assigned readings/videos Custom Essay

Full Frontal Feminism: Write a short essay over this week’s assigned readings/videos. Closely discuss and explore themes and ideas in the readings and other assigned materials. Use direct quotes, references, and details to support your ideas. Do not summarize, but instead formulate a thesis statement and use all assigned materials as sources to support your main idea. A thesis statement will help you to create an interpretation of the subject matter to be analyzed in the paper and to formulate an organizable structure to use assigned sources to support your ideas.

When you write your analysis, be certain that your essay includes a discussion of the overview and a conversation about at least 2 of the essays by individual authors included in each chapter.

Include a title and a Works Cited that lists each source used in an essay on a separate line. Failure to include a title or/and cite all assigned material will result in the loss of points. Outside sources are not required. You goal here is to analyze assigned readings/videos.