How Hierarchies in an organization may affect inclusion/exclusion and collaboration amongst individuals within the organization Custom Essay

The purpose of this paper is to provide the opportunity to engage in an in-depth exploration and critical analysis of the above topic. Outline of paper:
-an organized academic paper(with appropriate use of writing conventions, coherence and continuity)
-a clear statement of purpose
-a rationale or reason for choosing the topic
-a logical argument (highlight at least 3-4 main points)
-effective analysis and synthesis of evidence or sources that support your rationale and argument
-applications and critical reflection to and connections between theory and practice
-a conclusion that effectively sums up your case
-I’ve attached 3 articles that must be referenced along with an additional 7 references of your choice that are relevant literature pertaining to this topic.
-Do not summarize any of these articles, and add examples throughout the paper to prove any points.