HRM Technology Environment Custom Essay

Portfolio of Anno. Bibliographies/Reflexive essay

Type: Annotated Bibliography

Task Description:
A Portfolio of Annotated Bibliographies

Type: Short Essay
Individual Assessment

Task Description:
This assignment is in two parts: Annotated bibliography and reflective learning.
An annotated bibliography presents an opportunity to review and get acquainted with literature on a set of cutting-edge research articles on topics that are covered in (Strategic Human Resources Management) this semester. Among other things, you will need to demonstrate:
• Your ability to search for and source the most relevant and quality empirical journal articles in you chosen SHRM topic.
• The depth and quality of the reading(s) that you have done. This means you need to show your capacity for an in-depth understanding of literature in this area.
• Why and how research article you have annotated is relevant for contemporary HR practitioners.
• Your capacity to isolate limitation(s) in your annotated articles. You need to critically consider your annotated article.
• Come up with suggestions on what future empirical research can be done in this area to plug the limitation(s) you have previously identified.
-In the portfolio of annotated bibliographies: you are expected to write an annotated bibliography on one of the topics learnt in different seminars. All articles chosen from the annotated bibliography must be peer-reviewed articles and published in high quality journals.
In the annotation, you need to summarise the arguments and ideas as presented by the author. Additionally, you must evaluate the research article assessing its objectivity, reliability and bias. You will need to support your evaluation and your own views about the research by comparing it with other sources (e.g. other research articles that you have read in literature) and with practical evidence. To do this you need to source at least one more research article in the library beyond the one you are using for annotation. Also, please note: You must NOT use any of the articles from the course reader or the course blackboard for your annotated bibliography. The annotation should not be more than 500 words long and should be your own original work. The assignment should be formal in style including appropriate citations and references. Please use the APA style (6th edition) for your assignment.

-Reflective learning: Reflection or reviewing the experience of learning is an important part of learning in the classroom and on the job (see page 239 of the Hartel and Fujimoto text book). In particular, the aim of the reflexive short essay is to help you consolidate (put together) what you have learnt or “have taken away” from this course (e.g. through your readings, class interactions and by completing the above portfolio of annotated bibliographies throughout the course). In a short reflective essay (not more than 750 words) describe what you have learnt in the course and how you will use your lessons and experience to help you propel your career in SHRM the near future. Also, please follow the APA style (6th ed.) in writing your reflective essay.

Criteria & Marking:
Assessment Criteria:
1. Demonstrated post-graduate understanding of the HR strategy literature.
2. Demonstrated critical analysis and persuasiveness of the argument.
3. Proper format and presentation, including written style, grammar, word limit and structure.
4. Assessment criteria details on the course blackboard.