The purpose of this paper is to allow the student to research, investigate and
report on a Function of their choice in the human resource area. This is to be a
research report, meaning that the student must draw heavily on resources outside
their personal experiences and framework of the courses taken in their educational
backgrounds. As a future hospitality manager, it will be important for you to be
familiar with the published resources available other than trade magazines. A
research paper is a thorough investigation of the human resources function you
selected. The length and depth is only limited by your time, effort and ambition. You
will find more than enough resources to research your topic.
1. Once your function topic has been selected, plan on spending time
familiarizing yourself with materials dealing with your topic. You may
select any topic related to Human Resources management except those
dealing with legal issues or training. Your Professor will approve your
topic during Class Session 2. Once the topic is approved it MAY NOT be
changed or modified.
2. Make an outline of which aspects of the human resources function you�re
investigating that you plan on writing about. (This outline will become the
�Table of Contents� of your written report. The Table of contents must
include page numbers.)
3. Select a minimum of 10 (Ten) publications you will be using to write the
report. You may NOT use any textbooks as any of your resource material.
A minimum of 5 (five) of the 10 (ten) publications must be refereed
journal articles from research journals. If you are in doubt if are using
refereed research journals please ask. (ALL resources will be included in
the Bibliography; a separate page to be included at the end of your
written report). Research journal articles must be dated after January,
2009. All publications should be dated after January, 2008.
4. Prepare the written report. Paper must be written according to APA style
(see to online writing lab (OWL) for information on APA
format) unless otherwise specified in these guidelines. You must include
an �Introduction� (Page 1) and �Conclusion/Summary� (2000 words or
beyond) that follow the requirements indicated on the Research Paper
Rubric. The body of the written report should be written in a way that
works for your topic. Each topic will lend itself to a different format.
However, do not list, be narrative. Do not use lengthy quotations or
numerous bullet points in the body of the paper. The body of the paper
should contain "A" headings that correspond to the Table of Contents.
Please refer to the OWL website at
5. The only requirement for the body of the report is that you must include a
section that discusses your HR function as applied to/in the hospitality
industry. This application must also be reflected in the
6. Type the report for submission prior to, but no later than, the Deadline,
which is October 28th . The paper is to be a Minimum of 2000 words
(not including title page, table of contents, lengthy quotes, tables, or case
examples which should be placed in an appendix) in typed, doubled
spaced with 1" margins, top, bottom, left and right. Use only 12 point
type with either �Times� or �New Roman� font; others will not be
accepted. It is critical that the paper conform to the length requirements
or your grade will be impacted. See Research Paper Rubric for specifics. 7. Pages must be numbered; the page starting with the Introduction is page
1. The paper should include a Title Page with title of report and your
name (only include your name on this page.), and the date. Following the
Title Page is the Table of Contents, followed by the Abstract (unnumbered
page). Your paper then begins with the Introduction, followed by the
Body of the Paper, followed by the Conclusion/Summary, followed by the
8. Since this is a research paper, citations are a necessity. Unless the work is
your own, failure to credit the source is plagiarism and will result in a
failing (F) grade for the course! Refer to web site address given in class if
you are in doubt as to what constitutes plagiarism. If in doubt, ask.
The Writing Center is another resource you have available to you. will be used to check for plagiarism as well as the
percentage of cited material you use. Papers may not use more than 15%
cited material to be accepted for evaluation by the Professor. Papers using
more than 15% cited material will lose 1 point from the final paper grade for
each 1% of cited material over the 20% allowed as determined by the
Professor. Papers using material not cited, may receive a zero for the paper
and F for the course.
10. A proper bibliographical citation must include author, name of book of
journal, title of article, volume and issue number, page numbers of article,
publisher, city of publication of book and year of publication. A
Bibliography is listed in alphabetical order, by author’s last name.