Humor in Taboo Advertising: How Humor and Taboo work together in Advertising Custom Essay

The paper is related to both Advertising and Linguistics area. The topic is about Humor and taboo in advertising. The paper is basically about how humor is used in Taboo Advertising, the advertisements may contain something sexual, offensive, or some content repulsive such as condoms, in order to attract audience, reduce repulsiveness and help audience accept the content. I have the references for the paper. Please pick 15 articles from the articles I provided and use them for literature reviews. Please do not plagiarize anything from internet and articles. the instruction lists blew:
1. Conduct search using library electronic resources for scholarly papers that experimentally explore a phenomenon or a behavior.
2. Come up with a research question that extends or replicates previous research.
3. Conduct a research using experimental methodology
4. Find and include an advertisement/MarCom product which exemplifies the issue discussed in the student�s project and explain the link to the project.
5. Submit a written assignment paper, including the following parts: Introduction (rationale), literature review (~10 articles), hypotheses (predictions), method (study description), results (within the method), discussion (conclusions drawn from the findings and additional thoughts).