In this assignment, you will generate and submit two documents; an annotated outline for your research paper, and an annotated bibliography of the mat

In this assignment, you will generate and submit two documents; an annotated outline for your research paper, and an annotated bibliography of the materials you intend to use in that paper. The annotations in the outline should include any brief narrative description needed to provide direction to yourself in developing your paper along with the reference listings and annotations from your annotated bibliography. The required headings for the outline are provided below and you should place the reference listings and annotations under the headings where you will discuss that information in your paper
The annotated bibliography is the scholarly part of the paper and will include the peer-reviewed journals that you intend to bring into your final paper. The annotations for the bibliography will be a paragraph summary of each resource and an evaluation of the usefulness of that resource in the development of your paper. The annotated bibliography list must include at least 10 references. At least eight references must be peer-reviewed academic journal articles.
part 1 – Analysis of Work Environment
Use the outline below to begin Part 1 of your paper.
1. Identify a potential or current work environment, and describe your professional role within that environment. Include the reporting structure within that professional role; who you supervise and who supervises you.
2. Describe the population you will serve in your professional role, including social and cultural diversitfication.
3. Identify the appropriate code of professional ethics for the work environment. Describe the requirements of that ethical code, including requirements regarding:
1. Informed consent.
2. Customer rights.
3. Confidentiality.
4. Dual relationships.
5. Fees for service.
6. Use of distance technology.
7. Any other issue that might surround your hypothetical ethical dilemma.
4. Investigate and evaluate the work environment in relation to the legal, ethical, and accepted standards of practice for that setting.
Part 2 – Analysis of Ethical Dilemma
1. What is the ethical dilemma and who are the individuals involved? Be sure to fully describe the dilemma and its context.
2. What are the main ethical concerns presented in the dilemma? What sources and references can you use to support your analysis?
3. What documentation would you provide for the ethics committee if it were a real-life situation?
4. Evaluate the social context of moral values, professional ethics, business or practice standards, and legal guidelines for governing conduct relevant to professional studies in human behavior.
5. Investigate the application of theories and techniques related to ethics and leadership to a wide variety of ethical dilemmas.
6. Analyze the level of congruence between behavior and applied professional codes of ethics related to professional identity development.
7. Create an awareness of the impact of multicultural diversity and other personal lenses that would prejudice professional objectivity.
8. Analyze the role and functions of ethical standards and leadership in studies of human behavior.