Management topics discussion: Discuss the following management topics Custom Essay

And try to connect to my personal assessment which I’ll upload later. I had these assessment to analysis how person like me could be a good leader, and how I can manage what I have in the assessment result to be a good leader.

1: Motivation

I believe I need to have myself motivated first in order to motivate others. How do I motivate myself? (introduce ways to motivate oneself)
How to motivate others?(Introduce way to motivate other people. I’m not a person like to give fluffy promises, how to motivate other without giving fluffy promises or should i change?)
If I’m not able to motivate myself, am I sill able to motivate others?

2: Groups and teams
As my assessment result said, I’m conservative, "Protective guardian". Maybe these are not related to this topic. I’m the kind of person like less risk, so I’ll make sure everyone is going to do the right thing in the right way, after a while, if I feel they all good on what they do, I’ll then let some of them incharge without my supervision. (is this X type or Y type?)
To maximize management out put, should I stop supervising on every task at beginning, start with giving then all the control, or should I keep the way I am doing?

3 Manage Change
Introduce why manange change.
If I’m about to fire somebody, or move their position down, it’s hard for me to tell them directly, I like to telling them in ways doesn’t hurt their felling so much, how does this effect my management power over them? (Am I being too close? too soft? should I be tough on them so they’ll remember why they are moving downward?)