Marketing Service: Familiar with and critically evaluate their internal marketing strategies Custom Essay

You will have the opportunity to research, in-depth, a number of important and interesting service marketing topics.
Topic 1: Internal Marketing Options Menu: Mcdonald,s
Choose a business that you are familiar with and critically evaluate their internal marketing strategies. What are their strengths and weaknesses (if any)?
Topic 2: Segmentation Options Menu: Mcdonald’s
What strategies does a business of which you are familiar use to segment its markets? Are these strategies successful?
Topic 6: Managing customer relationships Options Menu: Forum
Discuss and provide examples of strategies used by services to build loyal, trusting relationships with customers. Are there particular customer types that your example services are trying to form relationships with?
Topic 3: Pricing Options Menu:
‘Pricing is the most important of the 7ps’. Consider this statement and discuss examples that you believe illustrate how service organisations have used pricing strategies either correctly or incorrectly. Justify your answers.
I only need to apply the marketing theories about mcdonlad’s not other companies