Marketing Story Analysis Custom Essay

Marketing Story Analysis

• Write an individual 1000-word analysis on a marketing news story.
Short paragraph introduction: What is the analysis about ? (company / industry / context) What marketing concepts are evident ?
• 3 to 5 key points, a paragraph each: Priorities the most important. Avoid overly descriptive content. In text reference frequently to show wider reading
• Conclusion: short paragraph, what you covered
• 2 or 3 different constituent elements
• Extensive use of tables, bullet points and diagrams is expected
Bibliography: Two or more pages, alphabetically sorted, perfect Harvard referencing format, use eJournals and text books more than online sources.
It needs to be understandable not complex analysis.
Plagiarism is very important so be careful with referencing.

You can use;

• 7 P’S
• Porter’s Five Forces
• Internal External Environment
• Target Marketing
• Branding
• Promotion – paying
• Consumer behaviour
• PR/Advertising
• Changes to balance in the Marketing mix