Philosophy and Theoretical Foundations in Nursing Practice – Grading Rubric: Theory Paper on Madaleine Leininger's Theory of Culture Care Diversi

Explain how you incorporate professional values and theory into your current nursing role. Include a description of your nursing role. Analyze the nursing

role as it relates to the nursing process, nursing research, and nursing education. Integrate references to a selected nurse theorist into your discussion.

A minimum of three references are required. The paper should be 8-10 typed pages including the cover page and the reference list using APA format.

Criteria Possible Points Earned Points
1. Describes current nursing role descriptively. 10
2. Describes explicitly the integration of professional values into
nursing role. 15
3. Demonstrates basic understanding of the major tenets of
Madeleine Leininger’s nursing theory. 20
4. Demonstrates synthesis of theory components and nursing roles of
provider. 20
5. Demonstrates scholarly writing 20
a. Logical development of paper.
b. Accurate spelling and grammar.
c. Accurate and consistent APA format.
6. References/Citations 15
a. Uses >4 references from peer reviewed journals, books and valid web sites.
b. Flawlessly registers the debt to sources.