Pitch Speech Outline: My pitch speech topic is: Obesity or Fitness/Exercise Custom Essay

I will attach the request and format about the outline. For the first two pages, Could you write the outline about my speech ?For the last page which is the 3rd page, you need to put all information through the outline which I can use to talk about 6 to 8 minutes during my presentation. Not a general summary. For example, first, in my introduction, I need to has a clear opening statement that get audience’s interest like ask a question, and then provides overview of speech. Then, I need to talk about all three main points. Finally, make conclusion and let audience remember my topic like an attention keeper. Last thing is about the references that I need to use in the speech: You must cite at least 4 (FOUR) different sources of evidence. Of your 4 sources, at least 2 (TWO) must be dated within the last year (i.e., 2012-2013). These sources must be orally cited in your speech, and included in a Works Cited section in your preparation outline. You may use only ONE (1) “internet-only” source. Others must search from our library databases website (I study in the University of Delaware). Here is the link: http://www.lib.udel.edu/db/ If you need the login information, feel free to ask me please. You can use more than 4 references. Last thing is because I am an international student, Could you please do not use difficult words or complex sentences in the summary that I will use to talk during my speech(3rd page)?