Racism and Canadian Immigration Policy: professional sociology course about Racism, Cultures, Religion, and Ethnicity Custom Essay

This paper is for a professional sociology course about Racism, Cultures, Religion, and Ethnicity.

– You have to write an ANALYTICAL and CRITICAL paper about Racism and the Canadian Immigration Policy. People can immigrate to Canada as: 1) Refugees, 2) Investors, or 3) Federal Skilled Workers. You have to write about one of these policies and argue how there was racism, and analyse how the policy and racism changed with time. I would like you to write about the timeline starting 1962 and the establishment of the points system and see how things have changed since then.

– The essay should be 7-8 pages in length, with one inch margins, size 12 font, double spaced

– The paper has to include a minimum of 6 SOCIOLOGICAL SCHOLARLY SOURCES. (Note: government websites and statistical data are NOT scholarly sources). Please DON’T use books.

– You are required to use sociological analysis and criticism to make your argument

– Before deciding on a writer, I want to see the points you will talk about in the paper. I want to look at 3 of the sources you will use, your thesis statement (your main argument), and your supporting arguments. After that, I will decide on a writer to continue with.