Rate Responsive Pacing for Cardiac Pacemakers: why we can`t always use atrial electrogram to determine the pace rate? Custom Essay

The topic about the ((Rate Responsive Pacing for Cardiac Pacemakers)). I have to write an introduction and, it has to include these five points.

1. why we can`t always use atrial electrogram to determine the pace rate?
Different ways of finding heart rate
Invasive and non invasive method

2. Why we choose Resiratory rate method to find out the heart rate?

3. ECG
Importance of the heart rate

4. Spirometer
function of lungs
Respirator rate

5. Heart rate in relation to respiratory rate
This an idea about point 5.
Oxygen is used to produce energy in the human body. This oxygen is supplied through the bloodstream. This results in a direct, positive relationship

between heart rate and breathing. As physical activity gets more intense, heart rate and breathing also increase. When the physical activity exceeds the

heart and breathing rates, a temporary production of energy without oxygen will happen.

A normal resting heart pulse ranges between 60 and 80 beats per minute. Some factors that affect this rate are age and physical fitness. Similarly, the

normal resting breathing rate is between 12 and 20 breaths per minute. Both heart and breathing rates increase with exercise with an approximate ratio of 1

breath for every 4 heart beats.

Again it is an introduction and it has to be a text reference. Be careful, you have to separate the your work into five points, do not mix it up with each