Reflective writing: This paper is a reflective on my specialisation unit Custom Essay

This paper is reflective writing as follow:
This paper is a reflective on my specialisation unit, I should write what I learned through this unit depending on the the work and previous papers (artefacts) which I done for this unit.

the name of this unit is CT scan Specialisation
it consist of three artefacts ( 3 assignments) and a reflection on these artefacts outcomes considering the Unit learning outcomes that I will list here.

order guidelines :
** I will upload a sample paper that can be used as a guide to some extent since there are some important aspects were ignored in this sample paper, while the are critical and significant points that must be mentioned and discussed within the requested paper. These points are the Unit learning outcomes consideration :
Portfolio Reflection
you need to provide a portfolio reflection to explain why each piece has been selected and how the evidence you submitted covers the Unit Learning Outcomes (ULOs). Each ULO must be covered within your portfolio (it is suitable to have one or more ULOs covered more than once). This reflection aims to demonstrate the coverage and cohesion of the artefacts you have produced.

The generic ULOs for this unit are as follows:
1. Analyse the role of the chosen field in the diagnostic process.
2. Apply principles of the chosen field in order to participate effectively as part of a team in the
3. Describe the key aspects of various ordinary examinations (operations) within the subject
4. Analyse the future directions/current research of the chosen field.

-Relevance :
Student has developed a high level of understanding of the role of the specialism in the workplace.
-Professional Importance:
Justification recognises and identifies areas of professional importance including applications and instrumentation.
-Coverage :
All unit learning outcomes are well covered and supported by the -evidence.
Cohesion between artefacts to reach the ULO?s is recognised and supported.