Resource: Windshield Presentation Grading Criteria on the student website Custom Paper

Complete your presentation of a significant community health issue from the Website Review and Summary assignment.
Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes about the issue. Include the following:

The issue your team selected: Include graphs of data that support the people linked by the issue and demonstrate the effect on the community.

o Describe the demographics of the area the issue affects.
o Explain the effect of the issue, such as volume and prevalence over time, and before and after the intervention.
o Discuss the significance or effect on the community.
o Discuss possible causes, and contributing behavioral and environmental factors.

Incorporate the PERI model you created to support the epidemiological model and evidence-based care.
Government role and level of effect: national, state, and local

o Does this disease expand to a global setting?
o Identify the government structure.
o Discuss the function and role for this issue.
o Identify and discuss the interaction or overlap between levels of government.
o Describe the health objectives at each level.

Intervention and treatment

o Identify and discuss the primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions.
o Discuss the effect or effectiveness of the intervention.
o Discuss the opportunity for change and continued improvement.

Identify the social and behavioral effect of this issue: Discuss the strategies for successful effects on these variables.

Identify resources in the community and their support or effect on the issue and the interventions.

Identify gaps in the community plan, actions, and resources, and recommend strategies to address the gaps.

From your research, what changes do you anticipate over the next 5 years related to this issue in your community?