Shanghai International Art Festival Custom Essay

1. Write a feature reporting article about “Shanghai International Art Festival” during 18th/Oct 2013 to 18/Nov. 2013

2. Please write under structure of feature reporting. HEADLINE, LEAD which is short and attractive to the reader and also direct to the main theme.

3. Feature story must based from originality, which also contains journalistic value and focus of the story (from the event)

4.Include direct quotes from at least three interviewees conducted by the writer. (Interviewee must be relevant to the event)If the writer can not conduct an interview, please make it up.

5. Transcript of the interview required as a reference. interview content must be newsworthy.

6. Include photos about the event with proper referenced.

7. Reference: Please put down all the resources used in hyperlink underneath the feature story. (no academic references as (author name, year) needed, but if writer is using someone else’s then need to referenced inside the paragraph such as “based on authority report on the.