Supply Chain Management practice analysis of Habita Company Custom Essay

Final Presentation 20%
1presentation for 25 minutes
2.Prepare 14 slides for group of 6 members.
3.Analysing Supply Chain Management practices of Habita Company in Student Union of Northumbria Uni.
4.See the 18 questions and analyse the answers mainly based on the questions. (See attached)
5.The Presentation must be professional and creative with best Format.
6.The presentation should aim to comment upon the strategic role of the (Habita) organization within its supply chain, and its efficiency and effectiveness in performing that role.
7.Analyze the role of the organization with regard to its supply chain strategy and assess its operation in terms of supply chain best practice.
8.Other points to analyse:
Company Background
JIT and Quick Response Logistics
Relationship management, both customer & supplier
Scales & scopes
Modes & inter-modality
Points of entry
Inventory management & forward supply management
Achieving significant reduction in order delivery cycles
Enhancing levels of customer service (SRM & CRM)
Strengthened opportunities to expand market share as a result of good supply chain practices
Addresses the current mode of transport and nodes in the network, suggesting where (if!) developments can be made
Relationships in the Supply Chain
Benchmarking the Supply Chain
Strategic Leadtime Management

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1.Supply Chain Management: An International Journal
2.Journal of Supply Chain Management: a global review of purchasing and supply
3.Operations Management
10.Prepare an appropriate thanks to the host organization for the last slide.