Tales of a Maya Collapse Custom Essay

These days those who study the Maya seem mostly agreed that drought was the cause of their collapse. Yet not everybody seems completely comfortable with this explanation.
Read Aimers and Hodell to get an initial overview of the current emphasis on drought as an explanation:
Aimers, J. and D. Hodell (2011). "Societal collapse: Drought and the Maya." Nature 479(7371): 44-45.
Yet, Joel Palka sees environmental factors as largely irrelevant, and seems to think his excavations at the site of Dos Pilas show that class conflict was more important:
Palka, J. W. (1997). "Reconstructing Classic Maya Socioeconomic Differentiation and the Collapse at Dos Pilas, Peten, Guatemala." Ancient Mesoamerica 8(2): 293-306.
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Then please write a 300-500 word paper:
Compare the role of drought in the collapse of the Classic Maya to that of class conflict. What sorts of evidence do the researchers rely on to argue about these two causes? Did drought or class conflict cause the Maya collapse?