The art journal is an assignment to help you to appreciate works of visual art, to include paintings, architecture, sculpture, and photography, and to

Art Journal

The art journal is an assignment to help you to appreciate works of visual art, to include paintings, architecture, sculpture, and photography, and to achieve part of the Gordon Rule writing requirements.
The assignment requires 1000 or more words, in four journal entries (one for each textbook reading assignment).
For each entry, choose one individual or movement from each of the following lists and write a 250 word critique on one of their works displayed in the textbook. For your analysis, use two or three of the methods discussed in the article Analysis Criteria (or How to Write About Art). You may choose any form, paintings, architecture, or sculpture.
Entry 1 (Chapters 24, 25, and 26)
Rococo or neoclassical suggested, but you may choose the Hogarth satires
Entry 2 (Chapters 27, 28, and 29)
Turner, Gericault, Constable, Friedrich, Corot, Cole, Bierstadt, Church, Louis-David, Delacroix, or Rude.
Entry 3 (Chapters 30 and 31)
Courbet, Tanner, Homer, Monet, Rodin, or Van Gogh.
Entry 4 (all chapters in Book 6)
Picasso, Matisse, Wright, Gropius, Le Corbusier, Munch, Chagall, Ernst, Benton, Rivera, Saar, Mapplethorpe, Lopez, Hanson, Golub, Morimura, M. Pei, or Gehry.
Do not summarize the movement or artist, but rather discuss details from the chosen work. All analysis should be original: your thoughts in your own words. Do not use material from other sources, including quotes (cited or uncited) from any material in the journal except for the textbook (and please limit it to a single quote per entry). When you use a quote from the textbook, simply credit the author by using quote marks and a page number in parentheses (no MLA or APA formatting required).
Please review the plagiarism policy in the syllabus. Like all written assignments for this course, the journal will be scanned using TurnItIn, so if you copy material from web sites, essay mills, or other sources, you will receive a 0.
I accept and encourage early completion of this assignment, so email me if you need to submit it before the link is available.
The completed journal must have 1) a heading on the first page (your name, “HUM2249-Fall2013, “Art Journal”, and the submittal date), 2) each entry labeled with the title of the work, name of the artist, and textbook page and figure numbers, and 3) all four entries submitted in a single MS Word (or other package) file.
The deadline for this assignment is midnight, Sunday, November 17th. So in the upcoming weeks, complete a good draft with your thoughts for each entry and revise as time permits throughout the term. You may complete each entry as we cover the chapter material or work ahead. This schedule is intended to provide you flexibility in meeting content and writing requirements for the course and to give you the opportunity to choose works that most interest you.
This assignment is your major writing assignment and is important in your overall course grade, so take advantage of the extended deadline and revise, rewrite, and turn in your best effort!