The food supply chain Custom Essay

This is a 2500 word MANAGEMENT REPORT. I have already written the introduction and a bit on the literature review which is the "methodology" part. I have attached the work i have done so far so that you can write the main body LITERATURE REVIEW (only) that matches with my introduction. I have also attached the layout of the report, since it is a management report, headings and subheadings myst be numbered. I would like you to kindly write me the main body of this report which is a LITERATURE REVIEW, regarding the food supply chain. As for the introduction and conclusion, i will manage to do that my self. For the literature review, please use search engines such as Business Source Premiere and Mintel. Every paragraph must have at least 2 references. I will also attach the assessment objectives and tasks to give abetter understanding of what is required. Please link the information used for the literature review to what i have written in my introduction "overview". The main aim behind this report is to critically review the Food supply chain. Also, please support the literature review with the example of the horse-meat scandal that took place, as a result of the food supply chain. Also, rate the sources importance used within the literature review by how important the writer is compared to the other, and how much citations the journal has in regards to the other. Please use both recent and historical sources, and make the reference lit balanced including academic journals, contemporary articles, industry examples. On the attachment i have sent named structure, it is important to include the TIMELINE and STRUCTURE in the lit review.Apart from the normal reference list, a list of the most significant articles must be put in a TABLE with the Authors, Year, Country, Number of respondents. HARVARD REFERENCING, UK ENGLISH please.