The Research of Labor Training focusing on Tour Manager/Operator in Travel industry worldwide Custom Essay

the Research of Labor Training focusing on Tour Manager/Operator in Travel industry worldwide.

Reason and story about this study: Since Travel business has been considered a superstar industry, many nations really emphasized on the development of the tourism to attract tons of travelers worldwide and those became a global trend. It seems to classified two major kinds of tourists in the world, the first one is ��backpack traveler��, and the second one remains the majority are ��Tour package��. Tour package seems the mainstream in every country, and the travel agent hire a professional tour manager(operator) or a freelance tour manager to make the trip wonderful. A professional tour manager should be seen as the reason how the tour members like the travel experiences or not, cause tour manager should not just interpreted the scenery, the history of every attractions but more like a ��Nanny�� who leads the team and take care of every members, so that��s the major reason to come up with this idea, and hope to draw a various viewpoints from the previous journals study and drawing a ��Professional Training Bible for Tour manager�� something like that.

Abstract: Need to summary the whole study under 150 words.

Introduction: As the reason and story about this study. (Please also read through the attachments)

Literature Review: From those journals article as attachments, it��s going to classify what makes a professional tour manager and drawing the different viewpoints from the previous journal study worldwide.

Method: Secondary data were used in this study, analysis from the journal studies.

Findings: Focus on what has been discovered through the journals study and see if it could turn a tables (figures) to address those significant viewpoints.

Conclusion: Drawing the complete ��Tour manager training bible�� for travel agent or travel industry organizers to follow.