Thunder Heart (1992, Michael Apted, USA) Custom Essay

1) Grammar! No matter how good your ideas may be, we’ll end up getting frustrated if we have stop reading to correct grammar in a collegiate paper. These should be the easiest points you earn. If you struggle with grammar or English is not your first language, we highly reccomend the ASU writing center. Also, we noticed a lot of colloquial (too casual) writing. Avoid using cliches and never write “an old saying goes…”. It simply does not sound professional.

2) Do not summarize. Like you, we have seen the film you are writing about. We do not need to read a summary about it. Rather, you should be critically analyzing urban planning issues in relation to the plot or the characters. That said, you still need to introduce the film in the intro paragraph. Here is an example I gave to one of your fellow classmates regarding the film Thunderheart:

We aren’t looking for an analysis of the character’s personality, actions, or life…if not pertaining to urban planning. For example, you can analyze how experiencing low density vs high density housing has influenced Ray’s attitudes to those around him and how that evolved throughout the film. But remember, we are looking for 2-3 different issues throughout your paper. In the example I gave, low vs high density housing is one issue. Also, avoid summarization at all cost. One paragraph is fine but more than that will hurt your grade.

3) Formatting. These are also very easy points. Write at least a FULL 3 pages. New Times Roman, 12 pt font. 1″ margins. No extra spacing in between sentences or paragraphs. If you do not adhere to this formatting, it will be reflected in your grade.

4) Cite everything correctly. Citation generators online are everwhere. It’s ok if you use them, but only if you know they are correct. Also, alphabetize your references page.