Transnational Communication Strategy. Case Study: NIKE Custom Essay

You are working as an international consultant who have been hired to evaluate the
transnational communication strategy of a transnational corporation: NIKE. You are expected to evaluate the following:
1. Its impact in a particular sector/market/region >>> THIS IS THE ONLY PART I WANT YOU TO DO! I want you to focus on the impacts of NIKE in the SPORTSWEAR market!

The following are the plan of my report but the only part you have to do is PART 1: (Its impact in a particular sector/market/region). I just show you the rest of the plan for you to see the idea of my report (1:Impact on the sportswear market) 2. Its approach to using resources e.g. human, cultural, financial (tangible and intangible resources) 3. Strategies it employs to market its image or product 4. How successfully it maximises its influence and profits in society.)
MOST importantly please include at least 4 or 5 graphs relevant to your arguments.
Your case study should take a critical approach. Do not just describe what the company does.
Present an argument about the way it conducts it business, how is it good or bad, what are the competitors, critics, scholars saying about it. Identify some key concepts from the unit and use these as a framework.
You should utilize theories and literature discussed in this unit to support your own
arguments; however, they are also strongly encouraged to demonstrate your own creativity, knowledge and ability. Incorporate relevant theories.

The following marking criteria will be used for this report:

1. Use of appropriate framework in the identification and analysis of the transnational entity.
2. Discussion of key concepts and readings in relation to the case study.
3. Use of comprehensive and accurate content.
3. Use of appropriate structure in the development of report.
4. Awareness of grammar and academic conventions.
5. Presentation skills including use of resources and graphics.

Please use in text reference in addition to the bibliography. The format of the intext references must be (author date:page). Use only academic references (journal artices + books) and maybe websites if relevant source (example: times magazine online or maybe reference to a youtube video ad from nike if relevant to your argument.) Please use at least 2 Readings from the following:

Media Globalization and Culture