Why would anyone suggest that some members of the English school are more "closet-realists" than a refinement of international liberalisms a

The essays are not meant to summarize the readings but to engage them, making connections between the authors and their interpretations. Each analytical essay must display the student’s: (a) understanding of the main arguments from various reading; and (b) capacity to make simple but meaningful connections between each author’s main argument, in a clear and ordered manner. The required format for the analytical papers is the following. Page size: Letter size; Font: Palatino Linotype; Size: 12 points; Margins: Normal (2,54cm or 1 inch on each margin); Line Spacing: 1.5; the Title should be in bold-underlined format, and the student’s name clearly identifiable. Normal academic prose should be followed all throughout the essay. In short, these essays will be directly and strictly related to the readings.